Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maggie's Mirror

She's mesmerized by...
(That toy has a mirror on it, since I'm just now realizing you can't see that in the pictures. Oopsie!)

Also, since I'm not keeping a baby book for Maggie (I know, I know, I'm a terrible mom, blah, blah, blah) please allow me to use the blog to record this milestone: Maggie giggled! Yesterday! On Leap Day! It was so, so sweet. She did it while my friend Suzanne was holding her and she has yet to replicate it for me or David. Obviously, we are mad at her until she giggles for us too. (Suzanne, you might have to come over and make her laugh again... I think David doesn't beleive me that it happened. IT HAPPENED!!) 

She's also pushing down with her legs, which is extra adorable becuase they are twiggy little chicken legs. She weighed 11lb at her checkup last week, and is currently in a ferocious growth spurt/torture-your-mama fest wherein she must eat every 2 hours or she will JUST DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE. Seriously, she is SO dramatic about it. She smiles whenever a human face comes into her line of vision, loves being carried facing out, and is deeply in love with her pacifier. I specifically think that this is oh, so splendid, because Henry would NEVER take one. 

Maggie sleeps with her paci, wrapped up in a superdedupertight swaddle. She is working on her Baby Houdini moves and can occasionally wiggle an arm out of her swaddle ALREADY. Of course, when that happens she either yanks the paci out or her mouth or claws at her face, both of which she immediately and deeply regrets having done. However, she cannot scare me, because I am The Swaddling Queen, and can rapidly swaddle her wiggly butt back into babysleep. Seriously guys. I could swaddle a rabid racoon into submission. I'm THAT good. (Oh, the things I choose to brag about...) 

Maggie also likes her buzzy bouncy seat, but does NOT care for her swing. I KNOW, I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT EITHER. She loves to be sung to, and Henry loves to sing to her, so win-win. She is at her happiest in the morning, and at her crankiest from about 5:30-7. Because, you know, it's the Witching Hour, when children all over the world are driving their mothers CRAZY. I know we're not alone. Right? I mean, all of your children turn into little monsters (albeit cute monsters!) around 5 o'clock too, don't they? Please, tell me I'm not alone.

However, the happy times far outweigh the fussy times with Miss Maggie, and so, let if be officially known, that we have decided to keep her.  

Those chicken legs! How did we ever live without them!?

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  1. we're with you on the witching hour. i hate it's witching, but also because it's really the only time tom sees david. terrible timing.