Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MaCafine Banket

This is the blanket that Mary Catherine knit for Henry before he was born.  It's really lightweight, so it's his warm weather blanket. I got it out of the closet last week to put it on his bed, (that's right, HIS BED, more to come on that front later,) and he proceeded to grab it away from me, rub his face in it, and then carry it around the house for 48 hours straight.
"MaCafine banket. MaCafine make for Baby Hendy. Where Ma Cafine? I see her?"

Did you guys know that MaCafine, I mean, Mary Catherine is getting married in a few months?
She is. (I do not have a dress yet. Pray for me.)

Did you guys know that Mary Catherine came and lived with us for almost 2 months after Henry was born, and took care of Henry so that I could go back to work?
She did.  (It was awesome. We watched a lot of TV. I want her to come back.)

Did you guys know that Mary Catherine and I shared a room when we were growing up?
We did. (I was terrible. A terrible, terrible human being. It's amazing we're still friends.)

Did you guys know that Mary Catherine used to have a GIANT sticker collection that she kept in a FIREPROOF LOCK BOX under her bed?
She did. (Becuase stickers are the greatest treasure. Right MC?)

Now, if I can just figure out how to work that sticker box into the Maid of Honor toast...


  1. hahaahahha, a fireproof lock box.

  2. you're giving away all my secrets. and those stickers were a very formative part of my childhood