Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Crib Has Changed Hands


Henry has WILLINGLY surrendered his crib to Maggie. 
He sleeps in Big Boy Bed.
At naptime.
All night.
Every night.
It's amazingly good fortune.
He got out of bed ONE time. I put him back in bed, explained that we don't get out of bed, we wait until we wake up, and then call Mommy.
That was it. Since then he has NOT ONE TIME gotten out of his bed.
Do not ask me for tips. I have no idea how it worked so well. 
It just... did. 
He just... did it.
Well, he and Big Boy Special Bear.
And I am ever so thankful.

Cribbie now belongs to Maggie.
It is decked out in pink & green & animal prints & polka dots.
Maggie takes naps in cribbie during the day.
She sleeps in cribbie when we put both she & Henry to bed at 7.
Then, I tiptoe in around 10:30, sneak her out of the crib for one last feeding before I go to bed....

AND THEN I WIMP OUT, YOU GUYS! I'm too afraid to put her BACK in the crib becuase she is still waking up to eat once (sometimes twice... stupid growth spurt) in the middle of the night. And I am so afraid that she will wake up Henry when she wakes up crying, and the idea of TWO CRYING CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry. But then there would be THREE crying children, and that's not helping anything.

So, instead, she's still sleeping in the Pack & Play beside our bed at night. And it's FINE. I know, no big deal, let her sleep there, calm down, chillax, you tight-A helicopter mother.

But, here's the thing. I don't think she's EVER going to drop her middle of the night feeding while she's sleeping in our room. NEVER, EVER, EVER. Because, I'm pretty sure she can smell me. 

And apparently, I smell like snacktime.

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  1. motherhood is for wimping out (especially if it means more sleep). trust me, i'm the queen of wimping out.