Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Dump

I keep an old point and shoot camera in the diaper bag.  I don't use it very often anymore, because it's been replaced by Big FancyPants Camera. I love, love, love Big FancyPants Camera with all my heart. Even though I barely know how to use half the functions, I still love it, and aspire to one day learn how to use it thoroughly and well. BUT, despite all its lovely qualities there are two drawback to the Big FancyPants camera.

1. Big FancyPants is Big. So it's not always reasonable to lug around with me.
2. Big FancyPants is Fancy. So sometimes I'm scared to take it with me.

So, I'm glad I have 'Lil Cheapo (the old camera) as my backup.
(What, you guys don't name your cameras? That's weird.)

Another perk of the backup camera is that I often forget about it for long stretches of time, and then when I finally pull it out, it's like getting SURPRISE BONUS PICTURES that I totally forgot I even took!

I emptied the memory card yesterday, and found a lovely smattering of pictures from 2011, pre-Maggie. Here are a few of them, for posterity, and for your viewing pleasure:

I call this one, Big Boy, Tiny Hat.
This was the day The Tide opened and a couple girlfriends and I took our kids to go ride it. It was so crowded, we basically had to run people over to get our strollers off the train. But, otherwise, superduper fun.
I know EXACTLY when this was. Henry was 18 months old. He was sitting at the table doing friggin' ARTS & CRAFTS while STRAPPED into his booster seat with his mother RIGHT BESIDE HIM. He wedged his foot up against the table, kicked the chair backward, split the back of his head open, and shaved 10 years off of his mother's life.

One trip to the CHKD emergency room.
Two staples in the back of his sweet baby head.
Three pictures to commemorate the experience.
It was an absolutely terrible horrible no good very bad day. But, dang if he doesn't look cute in those pictures.

Reading with Papa Boss.
Reading with Dada.
The Beach!
Sand is awesome.
Oh, hey Frank. Lose your dignity somewhere out there?
Bert & Ernie! AND A FIRETRUCK! Does life GET any better?
A day at the playground.

And, just for 'look-how-much-we've-grown' reference, here's Henry at the playground behind the library just this week.
My, oh, my. Look how much we've grown!
(Also, he calls that look 'Blue Steel.')

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