Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Henry has always loved his crib.

Seriously, LOVE. This kid ASKS to get in cribbie when he is tired. "Cribbie, Mama, cribbie peeeeas. Hendy tywerd. Tywerd, need cribbie."

Are you even kidding me?? What two-year old WANTS to take his nap?

So, I feared that it was going to be a struggle to make the transition from Beloved Cribbie, into Big Boy Bed.

In order to make Big Boy Bed just as enticing as cribbie I took the following steps:
  1. Filled it with his stuffed animals
  2. Put his favorite cover-up blanket ther
  3. Put his favorite snuggle blankie there
  4. Made the following promises: If you sleep in Big Boy Bed, you get M&M's! If you sleep in Big Boy Bed you can go to Party City and pick out a BALLOON! If you sleep in Big Boy Bed we will go the park! If you sleep in Big Boy Bed I will take you to Dunkin' Donuts! (Wait, you guys don't bribe your kids? What's THAT like??)
He took ONE nap in the Big Boy Bed, then decided it wasn't that great, and wanted to sleep in cribbie again. Forever! And Ever!

Guys, it's not that I don't really want him to sleep in his crib, I don't care, I love cribbie too, but we NEED that crib for Maggie if she is ever going to move out of our room. (And she must move out. Soon.)

So, finally, in my most amazing mothering move yet, I bought this:


It is EXACTLY the same as Special Bear, except it's like 4 times as big. I found it online and bought it immediately and gave him to Henry with this very clear information: This is a Big Boy Special Bear. He lives in Big Boy Bed. He is way to grown up for cribbie. If you want to sleep with him, it has to be in Big Boy Bed. THINK ABOUT IT AND GET BACK TO ME, SON.


Guess where we went Saturday morning?

Dunkin' Donuts, dude.

'Cause Henry & Big Boy Special Bear slept in Big Boy Bed allll nighhhhtttt lonnggggggg!!!

Confetti! Fireworks! Parade! Three cheers for parenting through bribery! And for Special Bears!

(Also, I like to think of him as regular Special Bear's muscle. I'm going to buy a little stuffed gun for him to carry. Or, maybe some brass knuckles. Plush, of course.)

(Also, do not think that I am so naive as to beleive that Henry will want to sleep in Big Boy Bed from now on. I have a funny feeling we'll be moving between the crib and the bed for a while.)

(Also, I AM aware that I could flex my parenting muscles and just make him sleep in the bed, end of story. BUT, then I wouldn't have a long saga to blog about, and you'd be so sad. PLUS, to be honest, we're fighting a lllllllloooooottttttttttt of behavior battles around here these days. Big Boy Bed is not the hill I want to die on.)

(Also, I think I probably overuse parenthesis in my writing, but I'm not going to stop. ('Cause I like it.))


  1. LOVE this :) We parent through bribery all the time...getting Aidan to #2 on the potty involved ALOT of chocolate ice cream/dance parties where we'd have a dance party and then all eat chocolate ice cream if we had success. I'm learning its all about picking my battles as a parent, some days I'm awesome, most days I'm not :)

  2. Seriously, your blogs make my day. You should compile them all into a book at some point. I would totally buy that book. Bribery is the oldest and most beloved form of effective parenting. Keep it up.