Sunday, February 5, 2012

Special Bear

This is Special Bear.

Henry loves Special Bear very, very much. We call him Special Bear to distinguish him from the bazillion other teddy bears in the house that Henry doesn't give a crap about. He only has eyes for Special Bear.

However, so does Sweet Potato.

A few months ago, Sweet Potato got ahold of Special Bear, and chewed him up. Eyes were gone, mouth was torn, it was very sad. The WORST part was that Henry found him before I did.

It was truly heartbreaking. He came running into the room carrying the mauled bear saying "Uhoh, Special Bear, uhoh! Oh no, Special Bear!" He said it OVER, and OVER and OVER again with this look of sad bewilderment on his face. He had no idea such violence could exist in the world! His innocence had been stolen from him!

I told him we would fix Special Bear, put the bear away so that he wouldn't have to face the carnage, and tried to distract him. He was okay once I SWORE that I'd fix Special Bear, and he could have him back after he was 'all better,' but seriously, at least a dozen times a day for the next two days he would remember and say, in the saddest most pitiful voice, "Oh no, Special Bear, oh no. Mama, fix it."

As SOON as he went to bed that night, I got to work. I looked all over the internet and could not find another Special Bear. I found several like it, but not ANY that were the same color as ours. So, I emailed the manufacturer directly with my sob story (Sweet baby boy! Favorite Special Bear! Bad dog! Please help!) The next morning, I thought of another way to search for it, (SKU number) and I actually FOUND another Special Bear at HOORAY! I ordered it immediatly, with 2 day shipping, duh. Even my love for Henry, and his sorrow at Special Bear's fate is not gonna make me pay for overnight shipping.

A few hours later, I got an response email from the customer service rep at ConAir (the company that makes the bear. Weird right? I thought they made hair driers.)

She said they NO LONGER MADE THAT BEAR (which is probably why Walmart only had THREE of them, and why it was so hard to find in the first place) but that she had found one in the storeroom and was sending it to me.



Clearly, she is a mother. Or a guardian angel.

The next day, TWO Special Bears arrived in the mail. MANNA FROM HEAVEN!

I presented Henry with his 'fixed' Special Bear and hid the other one in a closet in case we ever needed it.

Yesterday, we needed it. SWEET POTATO ATTACKED SPECIAL BEAR AGAIN! This time, I found it before Henry, and hid the evidence, because seriously, he may need therapy if he continues to be exposed to these HORRIFIC TRAGEDIES at such a young age.
Last man standing!
But guys, this means we are on out LAST special bear. And, according to Nice ConAir Lady, they DON'T MAKE THEM ANYMORE!

Please, pray for Special Bear. May he live a long and healthy life and never succumb to the hungry jaws of a basset hound. Amen.
Watch your back, dude.


  1. Sweet Potato is so delicate just taking the eyes out! If our dogs got a hold of one of those bears there would only be a wisp of poly fill left as evidence.

  2. That is simply an awesome story- not the bear getting chewed up, that would make me a horrible person- but the part of having a back-up!!