Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinecones & Puddles

A few days ago I took Henry out to play in the front yard.

All he wanted to do was throw pine cones into this muddy puddle where the edge of our lawn meets the street.

Seriously. That's it. No swing, no bike, no running around. For 30+ minutes he walked around, found pine cones, and threw them in the puddle. When he got one in he yelled "I got it!" When he missed the puddle he yelled "Oh no! Try 'gain!" and proceeded to look for a new pine cone.

Eventually we ran out of pine cones and I had to take him across the street to collect pine cones from our neighbor's yard.

Seriously guys, he was intense.

At naptime that day, I was talking to David on the phone and I told him about Henry's pine cone/puddle obsession.

"Oh yeah," he said, with a tinge of pride in his voice. "I showed him that. Last weekend when we were playing outside."

What I said was "Ahhh, well that explains it!"

What I thought was "Seriously?? THIS is what you guys think is fun?? Man, it's a good thing we had a girl this time."

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  1. We took my boys camping last May. The highlight of the trip for them was standing by the edge of the water and throwing rocks to make "big 'plashes". I think Noah spent a record 45 minutes doing this and would have continued for an hour, had we not dragged him away for a meal or real swimming or a walk or s'mores.