Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Art Center

They say you should allow your children unfettered access to art supplies throughout the day, as this will help bolster their creativity and generally make them a beautiful, artistic, free-spirited adult without any of the problems that plague the general public.

Or something like that.

However, my Type A personality cannot handle the idea of having STICKY THINGS like glue sticks, or things with MILLIONS OF TINY BITS like puff balls and googly eyes, or things that REQUIRE SCRUBBING to remove like markers, accessible to their tiny mess-producing fingers all day.  Such things require meticulous supervision and must be reserved for Special Projects on days when I can handle the chaos.

So, we've compromised. In the new playroom there is a Free Art Center with paper, crayons, and stickers.

I think that is VERY generous of me.

And they love it! Probably because they don't even realize that I'm holding out on them. Please don't tell them.

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