Monday, February 13, 2012

The Elusive Smiler

Maggie has started to smile at us.

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?! It's amazing.  It's beautiful. It's elusive
The problem is, that in order to make her smile, we have to get our face very close to hers and talk in screechybabylovevoice until she gives it up and grins.
That's not usually a problem, since I'm extremely talented (one might even say gifted) in screechybabylovevoice. However, once I pull the camera out, she is completely distracted by it's mammoth size and generally flashyclickyness, and puts on her Most Serious Baby Face again.
 Sometimes she alternates with Alarmed Baby Face.
 So, in order to capture the smile on camera, you must position the camera to one side, and position your face several inches to the other side. You must be patient! You must be focused! You must be able to sustain screechybabylovevoice without faltering!
 Got it! YES! VICTORY!
Aaaaand, we're back to Serious Baby Face.

Oh well. It's pretty cute too.

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