Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anatomy of a Second Birthday

6:45 am- Wake Up. Babble in crib. Recite names of everyone in your family, recite names of animals, talk nonsense to Special Bear and Duckie. It's so cute, it's so cute, it's so freaking cute.
Behold! Duckie!

The morning you were two.

7:00 am- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!!!! Mama rescues you from cribbie! Pancakes and milk and grapes- the Best Breakfast Ever as far as you are concerned.
Birthday Fuel

8:00 am- Pick out birthday clothes, you chose "da dino shiwt wif stipes" (the dinosaur shirt with the stripes) and jeans. Open your first present! From Nana & Papa! A sing-a-long DVD! Watch it immediately, duh.
Ribbons are tricky...

While you are watching movie, the pediatrician calls to CANCEL yours & Maggie's checkups today. Mama is superannoyed by this, seeing as BOTH she & Dada have taken the morning off of work in order to wrangle you guys in the doctor's office, however, you have unwittingly dodged a bullet, and will no longer be receiving shots on your birthday. SCORE!

9:30 am- Playdough with Mama. You love that stuff.

10:30 am- Play outside with Dada. Running, throwing, yelling, etc. "De no sceemin iside, sceemin fo owside!" (There is no screaming inside, screaming is for outside.)

11:30 am- Get another present! Indoor bike/scooter thingie! From Mama & Dada! (Secretly, this is a hand-me-down from your cousins, but you love it so! What do you care if someone else played with it first!)
Look out! I run over toes & tails with reckless abandon!

12:00 pm- Lunch at Chick-fil-a, "Go chhhhhkfiwa, chika nugga, fwench fwi, paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaygwoun!!!" (Go to Chick-fil-a, chicken nuggets, french fries, playground.) Yep. That sums it up. Except you forgot the giant Diet Dr. Pepper, which is basically the reason mama takes you to Chick-fil-a.)
The Thoughtful Eater

Nuggets for Everyone! Power to the People!

Note the giant Diet Dr. Pepper to the right. Congratulations to Mama! She kept you alive for TWO WHOLE years! Drink up!

1:30 pm- Dive into cribbie headfirst for nap. You are so tired from all the fun. Dada heads back to work.

3:30 pm- Wake up. Open another present from Nana & Papa- ANOTHER DVD! ELMO THIS TIME! Watch it immediately, duh. (Clearly, Nana & Papa wanted to give gifts that BOTH Henry & his mama would equally appreciate. Success.)

4:30- Read books, run around, cook in the play kitchen, sing songs to yourself while swinging in Maggie's swing... your usual afternoon repertoire.

5:30- 'Help' mama in the kitchen while making dinner. Washing dishes, sprinkling salt on chicken, putting the broccoli in the pot. You're a culinary genius!

6:00- Mama won't let you turn on the water in the sink anymore. Throw giant fit. Because you're 2 now, and that's how you roll.

6:30- Dinner with Dada, complete with special birthday dessert of M&M's!!! Your aaaaaabsolute favorite thing ever.

7:00- Get ready for bed. Fall asleep dreaming of your party on Saturday. Cake! Mumsie & Papa! Aunties & Uncles! MORE PRESENTSSSSS!!!! CAKE!!!!

Dear Two Year Old Henry,
 I thought about writing you a birthday letter, but then decided I'd rather record the details of your birthday instead. It wasn't much, just a regular day together with a few treats thrown in. But those regular days have become my favorite days of all. And two years of them with you is the best present I have ever received.
Love you,

P.S. Also, thought I should tell you, you started the 'Terrible Two's" about 3 months ago, so I'm expecting you end them 3 months early. It's only fair.