Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maggie Update

Miss Margaret is 5 (almost 6!) weeks old now. I simultaneously can't believe it's been that long aaaaand sort of feel like she's always been here. Time, you're a sneaky thing.
Frank wrapped her up in a lambskin rug for this picture... move over Anne Geddes!

Maggie is a Very Good Baby. I can't decide if she just has a super-chill personality, (my mom says she has a 'generous spirit') or if I'm just noticing the difference in having a full-term baby, after having Henry 5 weeks early.  Either way- I'm not complaining. 

She's a great eater, about every 2.5-3 hours during the day, but at night she'll go 4-5 hours between feedings. Yeah, you heard me. FOUR TO FIVE HOURS. It's amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Once, she went for six. (SIX!) I usually feed her at about 9:30/10 before going to bed, wake up once to feed her in the middle of the night, and then she's up around 6:30-7 to eat again. It took Henry MONTHS to get into a routine like that- Maggie did it the first week.  Seriously, I'm better rested now that I was for the entire third trimester- what with the endless midnight trips to the bathroom and the pregnancy insomnia- I'm actually getting MORE sleep with a newborn. Go figure.
Maggie is most alert & happy in the mornings. From about 7-9 she is wiiiiiiiide awake and checking things out. Girlfriend absolutely LOVES to be swaddled, talked to, and held upright. She has bizarrely good neck control for such a little baby, and loves to peer over my shoulder with her little bobble head.
I was a pretty big fan of babywearing with Henry, I had a Moby wrap and used it a ton with him. I now, however, consider babywearing an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY FOR EVERYONE'S SURVIVAL.  When Henry was a newborn, if he needed to be held, I just held him. No big deal- everyone loves to hold a baby! And I could accomplish lots of tasks with one arm.

I not only need BOTH of my arms these days, but about 6 or 7 extra arms as well. So Maggie spends a fair amount of time during the day strapped to my chest. This is great for me, because she's so darn cuddly. Great for Maggie because she wants nothing more than to be close to a warm body. And great for Henry because it means I can do essential tasks for him, like cut up apples, fill cups with milk, get the Good Toys off the high shelf, tickle him, etc.

I still use the Moby all the time, but I also have a ring sling that a friend gave me, and it's come in superhandy for just popping on real quick and wearing around the house. It feels too flimsy to wear when we're out & about (I really love the security & ease of positioning with the Moby wrap) but it totally wins in terms of being easy to slip on & off.

Maggie & Henry are still BFFs. He still loves to kiss her, hug her, tickle her, hold her, burp her, give her pacifiers, sing her songs, you name it. He also has taken to announcing that she needs milk whenever he is having milk, which is highly amusing to me. He gets upset if he doesn't know where she is- like when he gets up from his nap, he immediately goes and looks in the bouncy seat, cradle, swing, etc until he locates her. He also does NOT like it when she cries- he says 'Uhoh, Maggie cwying! Maggie fwussing! Uhoh!' and then starts to FAKE CRY himself. Which was funny at first, and now is incredibly annoying. I have a strict one-at-a-time crying policy around here! (Yeah, right.)

I do kind of think we hit the sweet spot age-wise though. Henry is still such a little guy- he's not even two yet, he's still in diapers, he still needs Mama for... you know... everything. But, he is old enough that he's able (and willing) to entertain himself more, and even able to help in little ways, like toss a dirty onesie in the laundry basket or grab a new diaper for me. But he's still young enough that there's absolutely NO HINT of resentment or jealousy about bringing a new baby into the house. I was a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle nervous about having them so close together in age (Henry was 22 months old when Maggie was born) but it's been... pretty okay so far. (OHMYGOSH I hope I didn't just jinx it.)

In summary... I think we'll keep her.

Ha, I just uploaded this picture, and then realized you can't actually see Maggie in there. She's in that blanket! I swear! She really is!


  1. Love love love this. Love the babywearing (and I still use my ring sling with little C, who will be 9 months old next week...although looking through these pics, I want to believe he's still only a few weeks old like Miss Maggie) and I appreciate the good news about the age difference between her and Henry. I'm hoping for similar good fortune with a second kiddo. AND Colin had similar sleeping habits, which only got enjoy it! Again, I'm so happy for your sweet family. Like many others have said, I'm in disbelief that it's Mary Catherine's turn to get my head she's still 6 years old, and we're having a sleepover, and your cats are jumping on the bed in the middle of the night, and Adventures in Odyssey is on the tape player... Ahh. Best wishes to you, friend.

  2. Yay!! Welcome back to blogland, Rach! And oh my sweet goodness, your kids are so precious. Maggie is getting so big... really, I must see you guys soon!!

  3. I simply adore having kids close together- mine are 20months apart- it isn't the easiest 6mo-18mo, but now I love it- they are into the same things and adore (most of the time) playing together!! I'm so glad you are having a great time- I will continue to pray for you!!

  4. Glad to see you blogging again and it was great meeting Maggie in Costco. As for the age span, my two are 20 months apart and it has worked out pretty well so far. So glad you are getting rest.