Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Henry Update

Henry speaks.

A lot.

He speaks whole sentences. Multiple sentences together. He tells about his day. He can tell us that he is sad or tired or scared. He remembers details. A few days ago, I told him we were going to the grocery store for milk, whipped cream, and bananas. When we got there, we got the bananas first. As we walked away from the banana display, he said, unprompted, "milk, cream." Whaaa? Ok, thats it. He's in charge of the grocery list from now on.

He loves books still. In particular, he loves 'The Monster at the End of This Book, starring lovable, furry, old Grover." David and I can both recite the book, verbatim, from memory. We are awesome.

He also loves to 'read' books to himself. He sits by himself, flips through his books, and says a few key words from each page. It's AWESOME. I keep trying to get it on video, but he's such a camera hog, that as soon as he sees me trying to video him, he tosses the book aside and runs at the camera yelling CHEEEEEEESE. I have like, 12 videos of CHEEEEEEESE.

He loves TV, 'toons' as he calls it, and loves Sesame Street above all else. However, in the dicatorial spirit of mothers everywhere, I'm pretty stingy with the tv, preferring to reserve it for times when I most desperately need a break. So... almost every day at about 5:30.

He is still super, super, cuddly. He gives his kissses and hugs freely and likes to snuggle up next to me on the sofa and say 'cozy mama.' Melllllltttt.

It's a good thing he's so cute & snuggly, because although he has not yet turned two, I do believe he has entered 'the terrible twos.' He has discovered his own independence and says "Henny do by self" about a million times a day. He's also fond of running in the opposite direction when called, and yelling "nope!" to any request, regardless of whether or not he means it.  We're... working on it.

He's also become bizarrely creative in his mischeviousness. He likes to play with my food processor- pull it out of the cupboard, take it apart, put it together, etc. (Not the blade. Duh. I have that hidden on a high shelf.) Yesterday he figured out that if he stood on it, he could sneak food off the counter while I was fixing dinner, without me noticing. His previous method of theft was to push a chair over to the counter. This is MUCH stealthier.

It's been hilarious to see him mirroring our speech patterns back to us. For example, I have a tendancy to say "okay. okay. okay." to myself when assesing a situation or problem.  Like, I'll stand in front of the 17 million loads of clean laundry piled on my dining room table, waiting to be folded and say "okay. okay. okay." It's like a pep talk for myself.

Now, HENRY DOES IT TOO. He'll dump out a bucket of toys, put his hands on his hips and say "okay. okay. okay." before starting to pick them back up again. Ha!

He also climbs up on the sofa next to me, clasps his hands together, and says "so." with an intonation that EXACTLY matches David's voice, when David sits down next to me on the sofa and says "so." As in, "So, what do you want to do tonight" or "So, what are we having for dinner."

And songs. He loves to sing, and be sung to. His favorites to sing solo are the ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I do have him on video singing some of these. (I have GOT to learn how to upload & link to videos.)

To close, here is a slightly random list of things that Henry loves at the moment: tickling, fire trucks, chasing and being chased, playdough, his play kitchen & play food, anything involving being outside, his blankies & his cribbie (his crib- seriously, the kid ASKS to get in cribbie at naptime), the set of Elmo books with a reading pen that my parents got him for Christmas, and of course, his baby sister.

Things have been so busy lately, and so baby-focused, I don't want to forget all the new & funny things that Henry's been up to also. So, two birds with one stone, now I've recorded them for all eternity AND shared them with you.

Ta da!

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  1. i mean. i just love your blog so much i can barely stand it. i might print it out. and put it in James' baby book. And write "me too." Love you!! and just crazy-from-afar for your TWO beautiful kiddos!