Sunday, December 16, 2012

December, Lots of Days

You guys didn't really expect me to stay on top of posting every day in December, did you?

Oh, thank goodness! I really, REALLY appreciate your low expectations. I value that in my friends.

Now, here we go:

Dec 6.1 Celebrate Sweet Maggie!! The best early Christmas present EVER!
6.2 Go Christmas shopping for our Angel Tree kid

Dec 7.1 Wrap presents for Maggie!

7.2 Make handprint wreaths to give to Nana & Papa and Mumsie & Papa Boss

Dec 8 Have a PARTY for SWEET MAGGIE!
(a boatload of pics for this. separate post coming soon to a theater near you!)

Dec 9 Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 10 Do Christmas craft: Make fluffy snowmen!

Dec 11 Bake Christmas cookies together!

Dec 12.1 Go the Christmas Cookie Swap
Dec 12.2 Deliver Christmas cookies to all of our neighbors

Dec 13 Do a Christmas craft: Make Reindeer Ornament

Dec 14 Put on pajamas, build a fire, and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Dec 15.1 Go Christmas shopping with Daddy! (for Mommy)
15.2 Make a list for Santa
15.3 Go see Santa Claus at the Library!

Henry: Deeply Skeptical.

Maggie: Completely Enthralled.

Henry: Warming up...

 Santa: So Jolly.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5

5.1 Read How The Grinch Stole Christmas & watch the movie!
5.2 Read Frosty the Snowman & do a snowman ornament craft.

I have gone totally overboard with the Christmas themed activities this year, so I have more than 25 activities/slips of paper to use up, so I just figured that one some days I'd stick two papers in the stocking.
 I tried to get a picture of Henry this morning when he was yelling "TWO, MOM, TWO PAPERS, DERE IS TWO GWEEN PAPERS IN DERE" but it was like trying to photograph a bouncing, shrinking, toddler-sized version of The Flash.

Instead, here's Maggie, tasting the stocking
 and then reading the slip of paper.
 She's a very bright child. If you ignore the "eating the stocking" part.

December 4

4. Do a Christmas craft: make a felt Christmas tree for the front door!
(Becuase, dude, wreaths are really expensive.)

December 3

3. Put up the small tree in Henry & Maggie's room. Put Christmas lights up in the playroom.


Not A Baby Anymore.

 Did you guys know that Maggie turns one tommorrow?

It's true. She does. She is, officially, Not A Baby Anymore.

Here's some (really cute) proof:

She drives.

She gives kisses.

 She chats on the phone:
"Ohhhhh, no I can't do 1:30. Sorry!"

 "Haha, yeah, I saw that episode! We loved it!"


See? Not a Baby. Big Girl.

But, then...

maybe still a little tiny bit baby?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2

2. Decorate the Christmas tree (and the house!)

The Countdown Begins!

You guys, it's Christmas time.

Pandora is alternating between my 3 fav Christmas stations.
No one may touch the car radio; it is set to All Christmas All The Time.
David has pulled out all of his Christmas records. Did you know that records have a DISTINCTLY Christmasy sound? They absolutely do.
Firewood has been purchased. Fires have been made. (Ignore the high of 70 today. We're having a fire tonight, anyway.)
The first carton of eggnog has been drunk.
The advent wreath is up.

An obscene amount of Christmas books have been checked out from the library. Everything from classic nativity retellings, to Santasaurus, to 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

The Jesse Tree is in full swing. (Thanks, Ann Voskamp!)

Advent has started. The countdown begins:

Day 1: Go pick out a Christmas Tree.

Friday, November 30, 2012


So now that the election is over, I can finally come out of the closet.

You guys, I am totally pro-leaf.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012


This Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving so far, I have a lot to be thankful for. We're not without trouble or stress, not without tantrums, and looming to-do lists, and strained relationships, and unanswered prayers, and frustrations, and sorrows. But even among life's difficulties, there's a lot I can find to be thankful for, when I take the time to actually LOOK for those things.

And it seems that the more I think about it, the more I look for it,  the more I talk about it, the more I count, count, count the things I'm thankful for, the more I find to be thankful for.

See, I'll show you.

I'm thankful for turkeys,
 and the little hands (and feet!) that made them.
 I'm thankful for the changing leaves,
 and for sweatshirt weather,
 for time to play outside,
 and time to just be silly.
 Thankful for boots
 and blue skies,
 and field goals,
 and passes.
 I'm thankful for a van that seats eight!
 And that we have more than enough people in our lives to fill it.
 We're thankful for aunts,
 and uncles,
 for good dogs,
 and silly moments.
 Thankful for chilly mountain air,
 and hot cider,
 and first sips.

I'm thankful for babies dressed like lumberjacks,
 and for yummy treats,
 and silly faces.
 Thankful for moments when we feel tall,
 and moments when we feel very, very small.
 For extended family,
 for my own family,
and for the families that we love (both pictured and not!)
 For daughters & daddies,
 for surprise kisses,
 and for a spectacular view.
 I'm thankful for finding the perfect Christmas tree,
 for having someone ELSE to cut it down,
and for having lots and lots of help
 to drag it down the hill.
I'm thankful for newlyweds,
 and oldyweds,
 and for my sisters, wedded or not.
 We're all thankful for cheerios, and snuggly kisses,
 and dusk tractor rides.
 I'm thankful that a new season is upon us!
 And that it includes sparkly ornaments,
 and twinkling lights,
 and the smell of evergreen, and the birth of a King.
And I'm thankful for the seasons that have passed. For a holiday that reminds us that we have so very, very much to be thankful for.
If we only stop to look for it.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! It's more than likely, that I'm thankful for you, as well.

(And, yes, we are thankful for rats and pigs and PB&J. Aren't you??)