Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Photo Update

I'm still camera cord-less around here, but I did break down and order a new one a couple days ago.  But, I'm too cheap to pay for anything other than the absolute lowest shipping price, so cord should arrive anywhere from 3 days - never. I'll let you know.

In the meantime, we went to the beach this weekend, and I brought my old camera and took pictures. (Also, I know it was like a million degrees this weekend, and only idiots and tourists go to the beach in weather like that, but it was my birthday, and I wanted to go. So we goed.) I am to afraid to take the Nikon anywhere where there is water, sand, or other Dangers.  Because, it is like another child to me and I do not know what I would do if anything happened to it.

HOWEVER, my camera neurosis is a good thing, because now I have a few current pics of La Henri to share! Not a true photo update, I know, but still, you can glory in his cuteness and express shock and awe at his toddlerness.

VA Beach, approx 105 degrees F, fun still had by all:

Sand. Oh, the mystery!

Do your children attack your cameras like this?

I was trying so hard to get a good picture of him in his sunglasses... maybe next time.


Seriously, less than 60 seconds after starting the car.

Happy Weekend, friends! Hope you stay cooler than we did. :)


  1. A-DOOOOOOOR-A-BLE!! I can't get over how big he looks with his new hair-do!!

  2. Awwww, so cute! I loved his curls, but I love his big-boy hair, too. You guys are brave--we just sat in the AC for three days!

  3. 1. happy birthday!!!
    2. omg henry is so adorable and so BIG! how did that happen?!