Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey guys!!!

Oops. Two months can go by REALLY fast these days.

However, I refuse to apologize for the long stretch of nothingness because I swore in my first blog post ever, that I was not going to feel guilty about blogging or not blogging, and I must stay true to myself! I must! Or, something like that.

Plus, I have FABULOUS excuses for why I have not posted. Read on, friends:

1. I am indeed, knocked up again. To the tune of about 19 weeks. (Please do not yell at me if I have not announced this to you in person.  I can no longer keep track of things like a normal person. I announced that I was pregnant to one friend THREE times, and have also convinced myself that I have indeed told people who actually have no idea. Clearly, I need help.)

2. During the first trimester, I fell asleep every time I sat down. So, not only did I not blog, I did not read, watch TV, or carry on conversations that lasted longer than 5 minutes. I was SO FUN to hang out with!!

3. It is SUMMERTIME! I am only working part time this summer- 3 mornings a week. Which means, Henry and I are doing stuff. Stuff that involves leaving the house. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I know, I am wild.

4. I have been busy taking pictures. Adorable ones.  And I would love to share them with you.  But alas, I cannot. Because I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer. SO, SO, SAD. But honestly, we should all just be happy I didn't lose the camera. Clearly, my mind has not been at its best.  Until I remedy this situation let me just verbally (writtenly?) assure you that in these alleged photos (which I will share eventually, I promise) Henry is one or more of the following: cute, so cute, very cute, big, so big, very big, running, jumping, falling, coloring!, finger painting, eating, making an apocalyptic mess, climbing, swimming, hugging, getting his hair cut (by me! not one of my best decisions!), playing with his friends/aunts/uncles/grandparents, at the zoo, at the park, at the library, or jumping on his bed.

5. I have been planning a preschool curriculum!!!  No, not for Henry. Calm down. I'm not going to try to teach my one year old to read. (Yet.) It's for A! In the fall I'm going to start doing preschool with her twice a week. The bossy, rational part of myself says, "You idiot. Stop giving yourself more things to do." The teacher part of myself says "SQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!" as she jumps up and down and claps her hands and basically overflows with joy. Clearly, she won that argument. CLEARLY.

SO, now that you COMPLETELY understand why I have not been blogging, and of COURSE forgive me for this lapse because my excuses are AIRTIGHT, I promise these things in the coming weeks:

1. A post with all the books I've finished over the past few months! I did make it through a few, despite my aforementioned pre-natal-narcolepsy.

2. Pictures of Henry! As soon as I buy a new cord. Which will have to be soon because there are currently 874 pictures on the camera, and it only (only!?) holds a thousand, so I can't put it off much longer.

3. More frequent postings!  I do miss the blog. Funny things happen and I think, 'I should blog about this!' and then I remember that I haven't blogged in weeks, and it would be weird to break weeks of radio silence with a post about how I think my cat is bi-polar or how I feel weird for thinking grown-up Neville Longbottom is smokin' hot or how my new way of making iced coffee is amazing and perfect and so easy, and how everyone in the world should just do it my way because this is, like, A DISCOVERY. Move over Christopher Columbus.

That's all. Carry on with your lives now.


  1. Yay for Baby #2- it was honstly my thought as to why the blog wasn't updated!! Take it easy- baking babies is hard work!!

  2. 1. Sooo glad youre back!
    2. HOOORAY for babies!! I totally knew that's why you werent around. I just had a feeling :) congrats!!

  3. Baby what????? I'll forgive but I won't forget. :) OK, now please blog/call/write more about Baby Numero Dos!!

  4. I am so glad you are back to blogging! Congrats on being knocked up too (you did tell me). I can't wait for more posts about books and iced coffee...share!

  5. Congrats! Henry will have a sibling, how exciting! And gosh, are you going to still watch your two charges after the baby comes?! Um, Superwoman much? ;-)