Sunday, May 1, 2011

Realizations Come Slowly

Guys. I have something to tell you.

I live with a toddler.

I just... I just REALIZED this.

Just now. Like a minute ago.

A toddler. A walking, jabbering, pointing, fit-throwing, snuggly, squirmy, messy, screaming, toy-tossing TODDLER.

I.... I.... I used to have a baby. A BABY.

What happened?? When?? Where??? HOWWWWWW???

I feel confused.

Send help.

See? A BABY. He used to be a BABY.

(Also, please ignore the date stamp on this photo. In my post-partum haze of joy and narcotics, I did not realize that the date was set incorrectly on my camera. This was actually 2/18/2010. If anyone can tell me how to remove this stamp from ALL of my hospital photos, I would greatly appreciate it. The end.)


  1. I'm finding toddlerhood MUCH more challenging than the newborn baby phase. More rewarding, too, but like 10X harder. And yes, it's been a rude awakening! ;-)

  2. I LOVE your blog, Rachel! AND I love your toddler who used to be a baby :-). Henry is such a cutie. We are enjoying the video we took of him laughing with David. It really is so amazing how quickly they grow. My baby will be FIVE in just a few short months. How can it be?? Also, I think I can fix your pictures or at least try on a few of them. Email me a couple and I'll attempt my magic. :-) If I am successful, you can always get me a CD of them, and I can work on them for you!