Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Anniversary.

Last year, on our anniversary Henry was 2 weeks old.  I think at some point during the day, David said 'Happy Anniversary' to me, and I said 'Happy Anniversary' back to him. Then I tumbled back into a sea of spitup, nursing, swaddling blankets, lochia, breastpumps, babygazing, and teenytinyittybittynanobits of sleep.

This year on our anniversary, Henry was absolutely miserable with his first ear infection ever. Poor kiddo. We did, however, manage to exchange cards, so a BIG step up from last year.

But, basically, that kid has ruined our past two anniversaries. RUINED, I TELL YOU! But, we forgive him because he is so beautiful and perfect.

We decided to take drastic measures. A couple months ago, we planned a weekend trip, conned my parents into babysitting, and began to dream about what it would be like to be childless and romantic for 24 ENTIRE HOURS.

Our plan was to stay in a bed and breakfast in Leesburg (you know, so we'd only be like 30 minutes away in case Henry like, couldn't BREATHE without me being RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and we had to rush back) tour a couple of wineries, go to a few tastings, walk around quaint downtown Leesburg, have a nice dinner, and fall in love allllll over agaaaaaaaain. (Can you even take me seriously right now??)

But, the weekend before we were supposed to leave, we realized the weather was supposed to be terrible, and one of the wineries we were planning to visit was closed until May. (Boooo) So, because parenthood has made us so extremely flexible, we just made a new plan. We were going to spend the day in DC, get a hotel, tour a bunch of museums, and then dress up and go to a fancy dinner.


So, on Friday we drove up to my parents house and spent the night. And on Saturday, we did it. 

We left Henry with Someone Else.  

I only panicked and cried a TEENY TINY BIT. Geez.  And it was totally reasonable! Because, you know my mom has successfully raised six children and all, but what if she FORGETS what to do! (Oh, the irrationality of motherhood. Sometimes, I am so impressed with myself.)  I'll just jump to the end here, Henry did great, he loved it, he ate great, slept great, went to Annie's dance recital, clapped at everything, went to the pool, splashed at everything, and probably liked it better than being with me anyway.

So, Henry is left in the capable hands of Mama Earl (my mom,) and we are free, we are childless, and we are ready to soak up the culture of DC!!! We headed into the city armed with a list of four museums we wanted to hit, (with corresponding metro stops, of course,) reservations at a great hotel in Chinatown, and reservations at a posh wine bistro for dinner. 

Here's how the day went:
Get to DC. Find hotel and park.
It is too early to check in, decide to get lunch and go to first museum.
Have lunch at awesome Chinese place, where they make the noodles and dumplings right in front of you. Absolutely delicious. Also, they had this green ginger sauce that was to die for. That is all.
Decide to go to National Museum of Crime and Punishment first because a) it is the closest and b) we are both SO excited about it, because we're... well.... a little weird.
Spend 3 hours at C&P museum. It was fascinating.
Go to check into hotel. Hotel is brand new and beautiful. Bed is so big and soft. Accidentally take a nap. A long nap.
Wake up. Decide we would rather go see a movie than soak up culture. WHAT?! We NEVER get to go to the movies anymore!
Go see Limitless.  Totally love, love, love it. Don't misunderstand me- I liked the movie, I LOVED sitting in the dark for two house TOTALLY uninterrupted. I had really forgotten how much I liked going to see movies in the theater.
Movie is over. Decide we do not want to get dressed up and be fancy. Decide we want to go somewhere with fat booths, big portions, and beer.
Go to Clyde's. Love it. 
In the morning, sleep in UNTIL 8:30!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS WHAT HEAVEN MUST BE LIKE!!
David goes down and brings us continental breakfasty things to eat in bed. I don't even care what it is, because I AM EATING BREAKFAST IN BED.  Stay in bed watching TV and eating for an embarrassingly long amount of time.
Decide all good things must come to an end eventually.
Race back to parent's house to reunite with Henry in a way that would make you think that perhaps he had gone away to war for a year, instead of just staying with my mom for a night.
The End.

Seriously... it was perfect.  I am a little embarrassed that in the end, I wanted to nap and watch a blockbuster movie instead of seeing art. But, you know, thats what I wanted. 

And, if I were to be honest, the best part of the weekend was that NAP! Well, except for hotel sex, but you know, I try to keep it G rated around here.

Okay, PG-13 at least.


  1. I (in the words of Chelsea-like-Whoa Stott) totz could have done without the lochia reference. Because I, being a young childless female, had no idea what that was until I Googled it. See? Curiosity isn't always such a good thing. :) But the rest of the post was great. I'm glad you and David enjoyed DC and that Henry survived without you for a day!

  2. Bwhahahaha! I cracked up at the slyly inserted reference to hotel sex. And you left Henry for a night and civilization didn't grind to a halt! Way to go, mama. We're so not there yet, but maybe someday I too will be able to watch a movie ALL IN ONE SITTING.

  3. Oh Rachel, I just LOVED this post! We got away last weekend too for 24 GLORIOUS hours (and had hot hotel sex) hehe. We had such a wonderful time, we're going try for 2 nights this fall... :)

  4. I love this post. It gives me hope that one day, I, too, will emerge from baby world and have a steamy hotel night with my hubby again! So happy you all survived and thrived during the weekend :)

  5. Yay for getting away (and for hotel sex)!! It's so important for your relationships- for Henry AND for you and your Honey!! Here is to many more to come!!

  6. Yet another reason why I love you- you managed to write about hotel sex and lochia in one seamless post. Bravo! hahahahahaha

  7. LOL!!! I love your blog! I don't blame you for the nap and movie. Crime and Punishment museum?? I have never heard of this and very interested in learning more about it!