Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh my gosh, where have I been?!?

I will tell you. (Well, I will at least tell you about a weekend's worth of where I have been)

In pictures.

Last weekend, we went to NC to visit Jason & Susan, David's brother, and sister-in-law, and their four kiddos.  Which really means, HENRY GOT TO PLAY WITH SOME OF HIS COUSINS!!

We drove down on Friday, and went to the kids' school, where Henry was slated to be the Show & Tell item in two classrooms. The honor! He took hours deciding what to wear.
Here he is, on display in Anna's classroom:

 And then, in Patrick's.
Both of them did a fabulous job presenting him to the class.  Henry impressed everyone with his stoic 'I don't know you' face, and his ability to remain expressionless for long stretches of time.

After Show & Tell, we stayed for lunch, where Henry considerately ate all of Anna's pizza for lunch, and I responsibly let him. Whoops! Sorry Anna! (That's Jack next to them)

Then, we headed back to the house, for a weekend filled with playtime. Henry loved playing with his cousins, and they LOVED playing with him.

There was cuddling.

There was wrestling. (That's Lily's blonde head peeking in.)

There was peek-a-boo.

There was MORE peek-a-boo.

There was general exuberance and a never-ending flow of toys.

There was a solitary moment with a tupperware of Cheerios.

 And then there were cousins.

There was a solitary moment with a basketball. (OMG, that expression!!!!!!! Right??)

And then there were cousins.

There was a slide!

A slide!

There was a bike!

A bike!

There was also a trip to the park, a trip to a neighbor's chicken coop, and lots of playtime at the house that I failed to document in photographs. I'm sorry!

To make it up to you, I will leave you with this photo of David and Henry watching Saturday morning cartoons. CLEARLY, they are not morning people.
I know. You're welcome.

And, we totally need to live closer to cousins.

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  1. Awwww- I BIG, pink-puffy-heart- LOVE cousin time!! We are having some ourselves, this weekend!!