Thursday, April 28, 2011


Now that most of you have come down from your Peep/chocolate bunny/Reese's Peanut Butter Egg/Cadbury Creme Egg sugar high (What? No? Just me? Fine.) I thought it was time to share Henry's Easter photos with everyone.

This post is really for my mom and sisters, who may storm Norfolk with pitchforks and torches unless I turn over the pictures of Henry all dandied up in pastels.  But you know, the rest of you may enjoy as well.

Unless you still haven't recovered from all the Easter candy.
It might be too soon for you.
I would understand.
Easter candy is the best candy.
It would have been wrong not to indulge.
Two or three or four or a million times.

Confession: Once Easter candy arrives in the stores, I get a Cadbury egg once a week. I CAN'T HELP IT! I look forward to them all year. They are the BEST seasonal candy. With yellow Peeps chicks coming in as a very close second, of course.

Okay, okay, here we go...
Henry's first Easter Basket! With a few treats in it for David & I too!! (Note the coffee and 'Reester Bunny')

Henry's own personal Easter egg hunt in the backyard

David tries to drum up some enthusiasm



We tried to explain/show him that the eggs go in the bucket, and you keep looking for MORE...

But he was unconvinced. He had TWO already. He was perfectly content.

The eggs became a plaything for the rest of the day.

Except he continued to refer to them as 'ball' so really, I think we've just confused him in the shapes area.

Easter Family Photo! Not half bad, eh?

Henry got to spend some quality time with his GreatGreat Nanny before heading home and taking a GIANT nap.

Where he dreamed of Easter deliciousness...
And the best moment of his young life, thus far.

Happy Belated Easter, Friends!

I hope the baskets, bunnies, and blossoms of your Easter were overshadowed by the great love of our Savior, and the promise of eternity.
He is risen, indeed!

(Also, I think there will be Peeps in heaven. At the banquet table. Can't wait!)

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  1. Super adorable pictures! Henry looks like he had a splendid time. :-)