Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby On A Boat

This past weekend, we went to Smith Mountain Lake. It was FABULOUS, and of course, resulted in copious amounts of baby pictures.  Because, babies in lifejackets? Ridiculously cute.

First, the cast of characters from this weekend:
Steve, our fearless boat captain. His parents own the house we all stayed in- so a super, super, super, big THANK YOU to them!
His lovely wife Lindsay, and their adorable son Caleb. 
Consider this Exhibit One: Babies Are Cute In Lifejackets.

Mark & Mary Alice  (Nuncle Markie, Auntie Mary Alice)

Christian and Amanda 

Tom & Amanda 

Oh, and here's Mary Alice again, demonstrating the general goal of lakehouse time:

Nice, Mary.

Okay, now Henry In a Lifejacket, alternate title: Baby On A Boat, alternate title: Buy Every Baby a Lifejacket.

Also, Henry would like you to know that food tastes better at the lake. Duh.

 And, to close, some gratuitously embarrassing pictures of 'Nuncle Markie'. Feast your eyes on this ladies:

You are all welcome.

And, Mark, I'm sorry. But you know, I have this camera now, so I can't be trusted.

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  1. Love the baby pictures. Henry is such a happy baby - he must have really cool parents! xoxo