Monday, February 7, 2011


Note to self: if you plan to read a book in a week, don't pick one thats 900 pages long.
But its done! And only one day late!

Book 3: Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon
Okay, now, I DID say that I was not going to include any genre fiction on the list. NOT because I do not love & respect genre fiction, just because I don't need any encouragement at all to read mysteries and romances. Not at all.
I would rather read them than make dinner, clean my house, talk to my husband, watch TV, go to amusement parks... you get it. However, I DO need encouragement to read 'real' books. You know, like, literature and stuff.
I'm telling you this because Gabaldon's books are definitely toeing the line of genre fiction. But, seriously guys, they are SO good. A little romance, a little adventure, a little fantasy, and quite well-written. Plus, I'm 4 books into the series. I'm just not stopping now.  So, to the great detriment of my household, I read Drums of Autumn this week. Laundry piled up, dishes went unwashed, I may or may not have bought a freezer pizza for dinner one night so I could read instead of cook. My husband is so tolerant.

LIKE: I sort of already told you what I like, but don't worry I can tell you more. Gabaldon's characters are spectacular. They become flesh and blood, and she tricks me into thinking they are my friends.  She handles the fantastical elements so smoothly- I'm not a huge fantasy fan, but it totally works in these books. Also, she writes great... ummm... romantic scenes. Enough said.

NO LIKE: Uhh, that they ever end? The way my house looks (utterly neglected) while I am reading them? That one day I will come to the end of the series and cry?

FAV QUOTE:  "But the years between now and then had been hard ones, and compassion was a soft emotion, easily eroded by circumstance. I had thought he still had his kindness, though; and felt a queer pain at the thought of its loss."

Big time props to my friend Suz for getting me hooked on the Gabaldon series. Even BIGGER props because she's letting me borrow them all from her.

Now, please don't worry about me. I've started my next book and it's much shorter. I may even fit in some house cleaning this week. Because, you know, I'm an overachiever.

Picture of the Week!  (Should we just rename this segment 'Cutest Baby Ever in the History of the Known Universe'? Let me know.)

Cutest Baby Ever in the History of the Known Universe
Here he is even closer:

Do you need me to bring you smelling salts? Have you lost consciousness due to the cuteness? No? Just me? Fine.

I really tried to get a picture of Henry reading for this week's pic, but although I took quite a few, none of them were quite what I wanted. But, I just want to document what a nerdy child we are raising. Scout's honor, I do not pose him for these shots!

Please ignore the tangle of cords in the background. I am extremely safety conscious.

In other pictoral news, I went to go see my family this weekend, and while we were there, Frank asked if he could borrow my camera. After admonishing him about how expensive it is, and how much I love it, and how I would dismember him if he hurt it,  I let him wander around the house and take a few pictures. Then, I got home, went to upload pics from this weekend and found FOUR HUNDRED PICTURES on my camera that I did not take!!! Yes. You heard me. 400. Here is a very small sampling of what Frank apparently thinks is photo-worthy.
 Me, pre shower. Something no one should have to see.

 Annie, looking entirely too old for her own good. Somebody put that girl back in pigtails and overalls!

 Nancy, cowering. (She always cowers. Its her thing.)

 My parent's cuckoo clock. Riveting.

 Frank's toes. The boy has no shame.

 The photographer himself. Very scary.

 The photographer again. (What? Why? I don't know.)

Oh! Look!  A cute baby! Frank has redeemed himself! Hooray!


  1. I don't care about the book... LOOK AT YOUR BABY! No, for real. I already claim him as my future son in law. He and Mary Grace would make beautiful babies. In like 30 years.

  2. I love this post for so many reasons.
    First, you are hilarious! THanks for making me crack up during the WORST part of the day- breakfast when both girls are screaming at me for food, my eyes are half open, and I am just groping around the kitchen for the coffee...
    Second, I think we have the same book taste? I need to get on this book reading bandwagon...
    Third, can I please be friends with your family?
    Fourth, Henry. Moooooore! The world wants more!!

    Also, you turned me on to Motherhood in NYC, and I am hooked. LOVE it!

  3. Henry is soooo cute!

    annnd I dont know if you've read it, but 1776 by David McCullagh is AMAZING and its non-fiction! My house went into disrepair while I polished that one off:) I will send it to you if you'd like!

  4. Okay, that book series sounds great! I've never heard of it, but am going to have to check it out. I am so impressed that you read a book that long in one week! I am still working on the same book I started months ago. Who cares about the house, no way can it be worse than mine and I am not reading books, just trying to delete shows from my overcrowded dvr! Oh and that Henry is a doll!

  5. Ohh, I would love to clean off my book shelves and send you a few good ones. In an effort to declutter, I've convinced myself that books are much better off passed on and shared than collecting dust. I'll see what and have you might like.

  6. I feel like you may have read many of the books I have to loan, but maybe not. Let me know if any are of interest. I'll them to you!

    -The Lovely Bones (just beautiful...I could NOT put it down)
    -The Devil in the White City (historical fiction, amazing combo of thriller and history book)
    -The Alienist (Another one I could NOT put down; the depiction of old New York is just incredible, I was sad when I finished it).
    -Getting Stoned with Savages (non-fiction, guy follows his wife to remote pacific island for her job, hilarity ensues)
    -Katherine Graham's Autobiography (One of the best, what an amazing woman)
    -The Magnificent Ambersons (Great fiction, chronicles the demise of the American leisure class, Edith Wharton-esque)

    Let me know.

  7. I'm joining in and saying who cares about the book! Henry is SO DANG CUTE!!!

  8. sitting on the couch- half dead- i feel as though your words and pictures have drained a little snot out of my face and loosened my cough-filled chest..thanks mama!