Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Judge Me

Oh my gosh, don't judge me!  I know, I know, I KNOW I owe you a book post.  I know, okay? And, I've even read two books! Aren't you proud?!

But, David & I both had the stomach flu this weekend. Which, let me take this opportunity to veer off from the point of this post and say: if I thought being sick was awful in my pre-parent life, it's TERRIBLE in my parent life.
Super awful.
No good.
Very bad.
Throwing up is exponentially worse with a baby sitting on the bathroom floor happily unrolling the toilet paper.
Plus, no matter how bad you feel, you still have to FEED them! And CHANGE them! And you might even have to pretend to PLAY with them, or READ to them!!
Seriously. Babies are extremely inconsiderate.

With the exception of meeting Henry's most basic needs, I pretty much laid on the sofa and let him do whatever the heck he wanted all day. Thank you Jesus for PBS Kids. I love Sesame Street with my whooooooole heart.
(Also, please take a minute to pray that Henry does not catch this tummy bug from us. So far he seems fine, but... well... I'm afraid. Very afraid.)

Anyway,  we did survive. (Hold your applause.) That is my Very Good Excuse for not posting. I will do my best to remedy this. Very soon. As soon as I catch up on the laundry and grocery shopping and disinfecting every surface in the house and... you know... life.

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