Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Dream

Warning: This post is not about a book, and there are no cute baby pictures. Feel free to stop reading now.

I had a dream last night, and I HAVE TO TELL YOU about it. It was a dream, so you know, don't be picky about the details. Just go with it.

   It was my 35th birthday. For my birthday present, David got me voice lessons. I went to the lessons, and it turned out, I was an AMAZING singer. So, obviously, David convinced me to try out for American Idol.  I was so awesome, that I got a golden ticket and went to Hollywood. When I got there, I was the only middle-aged contestant with children. OH, and I had 4 kids, ALL BOYS! And, even more impressively, I WAS OKAY WITH IT! (And in my dream, Henry was 7. So, my dream self can do math. Holla.)
 So, in my dream, I do all these interviews, and sing all these songs, but the BEST part of the dream (and the end, of course) was that I was onstage singing that Pink song about raising your glass and, in my dream, I KNEW ALL THE WORDS! And my outfit was awesome, and the crowd was going wild and I could see David & all my kids bopping around in the audience, and I was a STAR!

Okay. Now. Dreams are just dreams, blah blah blah, I know, but here's the thing: I was not all the way asleep as this was happening.
You heard me.
I was sort of awake.
I had the dream AS I was falling asleep last night. But, I was awake enough that I remember thinking "I have GOT to tell David about this." And, awake enough, that when I got onstage to sing Raise Your Glass, I didn't like the outfit I was wearing, so I changed it.  Not like, went backstage and changed it, but thought to myself, "No, no, this isn't right. I should be wearing this." and POOF, I was.

What does this mean?!?!?!  Do I have a secret urge for stardom that has been hitherto untapped into??  Will I have 4 boys? And no girls?? How did my dreamself know all the words to the song? Do I really know them in my subconscious brain? And, most importantly, SHOULD I TAKE VOICE LESSONS?

(This post has a lot of caps. I am sorry.)

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