Monday, February 28, 2011

Five & Six

This is so overdue, I sorta don't even want to post it. I'm craving forward motion, and this feels like... lingering. HOWEVER, I like complete sets of things, and I feel like I can't start my next book until
I post about these books, and I'm REALLY excited about my next book. So, here we go.

During the past two weeks of sickness, (oh, Henry did indeed get sick. ugh. we are all better now. the end) I finished Madeline L'Engle's Time Quintet.
Many Waters and An Acceptable Time.
They were so lovely. And whimsical. And reminiscent of childhood. And, just, well, just lovely.
And, the books smell really good. Weird?
LIKE: The loveliness.
Also, that each book focuses on another member of the Murry family, so things never get monotonous.
Also, I love how her spirituality and her conceptions of good and evil and God flow so seamlessly into what she writes. It's completely beautiful, and so unexpected (perhaps unfairly) in YA fiction. It's just lovely.

NO LIKE: Eh, well, if I HAVE to say SOMETHING I don't like... there were a few spots in An Acceptable Time where the action was lagging, and in Many Waters, there were a few plot holes.

"We human creatures can make watches and clocks and sensitive timing devices, but we don't understand what we're timing."
"Yesterday's heresy often becomes tomorrow's dogma."

Now, on to the next book- and it's an ADULT book!
Not like that, you guys! Come on!
I'm a nice girl.

This is where it gets good, ya'll.
This is where it gets good.

To enhance your viewing pleasure, and to make up for going so long between posts, I will title all of these gorgeous photographs for you.

It's like I'm a real arteeest!

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  1. Happy Birthday Henry, and Moma! (I think its our day as much as theirs! :) I also just finished a book called the Heretic's Daughter about the Salem witch trials, is kind of a non-fiction fiction book. I can send it your way if you'd like!