Sunday, January 30, 2011


Okay, I'm starting with the pictures this time, because they make me giggle.
Picture(s) of the Week:
Check out that static cling!!

It's a vortex, it's sucking me innn......

Who can resist a baby hand? Seriously, so fat, it dimples IN at the knuckles. Must kiss it.

Okay, now books.  This is the pile of books, I gathered from around the house to read as part of the 52 Book Nerd Alert Challenge.
They're not all for me! I convinced David to do it with me.  But, he says that 52 books is unreasonable, so he's doing 26 books in a year. Which makes him a nerd in moderation.

This is his stack: 

This is mine:

This is the ceramic dog on my dresser:

Now you're wondering how many other ceramic animals I have, right?
I'm not telling. I like to keep you guys guessing.

So, I've got a pretty good stack, (of books, not ceramic animals) but I'm trying to get a good mix of fiction, non-fiction, and some YA novels as well. Which means, I really am looking for recommendations!!! If you've read anything good lately let me know. Especially if you want to let me borrow your copy. Because, uh,  I can't afford to buy 52 books this year. Shocker, I know.

Book Two: It's Not About Me, by Max Lucado.
  David's brother & sister-in-law gave him (us) this book for Christmas. David's cousin Jonathan passed away from cancer recently, at the extremely young age of 32.  This was his favorite book, and was talked about a lot at his memorial service, so I was looking forward to reading it.

LIKE: Sounds silly, but I really liked the subtitle, "Rescue from the life we thought would make us happy." Zinger, eh?  I really enjoyed his focus on how accepting our place in the world (i.e. accepting that we're not the center of it) gives a sense of peace and joy, even in difficult circumstances.

NO LIKE: Lucado is a little... well... wordy, I guess. He uses a lot of stories and illustrations, some of which are helpful in illustrating his point, some that aren't that helpful, but most of which are just distracting to me.  Honestly, though, thats really just a preference thing. I like my religious non-fiction to have more of a textbook feel than a conversational feel. Have I mentioned I'm nerdy?

"The brevity of life grants power to abide, not an excuse to bail."

"Your pain has purpose. Your problems, struggles, heartaches, and hassles cooperate towards one end- the glory of God."

All in all, a good and quick read. Not my favorite, but still a good one.
Book 3 is a BIG one, but I'm hoping to finish it by Thursday. I know, you can hardly wait. :)

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  1. Henry is SO CUTE!! Have you read the Hunger Games?? Such good books!!