Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Solid Food and Other Adventures

Oh my goodness, I have so many things to tell you.
And so many pictures to show you.

Here's the biggest news:

That's right.
Henry has begun his journey into the world of food. What a great world, yes?  I love food.  We all love food.  If you don't love food, go away. We can no longer be friends.  Food is so great, so delicious, so flavorful, so satisfying, so varied.  So, tell me, with all the yumminess out there, why oh why are we introducing babies to food by giving them rice cereal??  Rice cereal?!  Is this really the way to convince kids that they want to eat food?

Have you tried rice cereal? I tried it, and it's nasty. But it's what the pediatrician said to do, and I'm a rule-follower (ummmm, sorta...) so I mixed it up with some breastmilk and gave it a go!

I gave him the first bite on my pinkie, because that's what the websites said to do. I guess it's because he's used to food coming to him from nice warm flesh... weird.

He looked a little unsure, yes.  But, not to be discouraged, I gave him my brightest & happiest 'yum yum you love this' face and kept on trying.

Let's just say, he wasn't fooled.  Rice cereal is gross, and he knows it.  
After a few minutes of terrible faces, similar to these, I was starting to feel like I was going to scar him for life and make him think that eating was always going to be a really unpleasant experience.  So, we decided to call it quits for the night.

He was extremely grateful.

Then, I said some really reasonable things to David, like "He hates food!"  "He's anorexic!" and, with a tinge of panic in my voice "He's going to want to nurse forever!!!  He's never going to stop!  It's going to be time for kindergarten and I'm going to have to say, 'Oh, I'm sorry, my child can't come, HE'S STILL NURSING!'"

Then I got a grip.  

It's been a week, and he's showing a liiiitle more interest in bananas & rice cereal, but not much. 
I think he knows that there is better food out there.  
I think he knows we are trying to pull one over on him.
I think he's holding out for steak and baked potato. Now THAT'S food.

In other baby news, Henry loves his penguin...

And, he loves his Dad.

And, I love his Dad!
Seriously, I absolutely love this picture. It melts my heart.  It's the cutest thing ever. Ever.
I want to have many, many more babies with this man.  Just so I can watch him snuggle up with them & read them stories.

This is dangerous. I should go.


  1. mamameah! hands down- boppoh is the best invention ever on this earth. thank you baby Jesus!

  2. Ummmm I LOVED this post. Esp. that last part- it just gets worse- just wait till the first night you hear them praying together before bed. UGH!
    But seriously- could Henry be any cuter??

  3. Hehe there is nothing like seeing a man with his baby! I tell Anthony all the time that I LOVE having babies with him! :)

    Also, you can try baby oatmeal...Aidan did much better with that then rice cereal, not to mention the rice cereal seemed to back him up alot. You can also try mashed bananas.

    Henry is absolutely adorable!