Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Sister, Mary C.

Mary Catherine is here!
Aside from providing me with a lovely afternoon full of Doritos, diet beverages, a little gossip, and a lot of love, Mary also got this GREAT photo of Henry (taken on her snazzy new iTouch which I'm a teenytinylotta bit jealous of)

SO CUTE!  This picture is even better if you know that Auntie Mary C. knitted that blanket for Henry before he was born. And even better if you know that when I read to him before his naps, we snuggle under that blanket.  So, now, he associates the blankie with reading & snuggle time, and every time I put him on the bed and give him that blanket, he squeals and makes the big smiley cute face, pictured above.

What a blanket.
What a baby.
What an auntie!

And, yes, I have already asked her to move back in with us. You know, to do dishes, knit blankets, change diapers, provide me with entertainment, and take pictures of Henry. But, apparently, she has a life. Sigh.

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