Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mothering Mistake No. 37

Mistake: Ignoring the weather reports.

Consequences: Rachel and a Very Hungry Henry, standing in Walmart entryway, surrounded by a mass of grouchy wet people, pushing a full cart of groceries, watching an absolute freaking downpour.
An absolute. freaking. downpour.
booming thunder
flashing lightning
a waterfall from the sky


Conclusion: After deciding the rain might go on for eternity, we made a mad dash for it, got completely soaked, sped home, wrapped up in towels, and fed Henry juuuust before he reached the brink of Very Hungry Baby Fury.

And, for the record, its still raining. Would it be weird to make hot chocolate in August?

Maybe after I towel off my groceries.

1 comment:

  1. mistake no.38: being in a hurry to get Marc clean - not doing things in a proper order

    Consequences: turned on the water.. waiting for it to get warm, while admiring Marc's cute bottom in the mirror.... felt rain down on my toes...

    Conclusion: turn on water for shower/bath.. wait a moment or two... THEN remove diaper.

    now to go clean the floor. and myself.