Monday, August 23, 2010

Henry Wears Suspenders

Here I am with a series of photo updates. Let's get started:

Update 1: Henry likes food AND can poo!  We have left icky rice cereal behind, and moved onto delicious fruits: bannas, plums, and avocados. Yum, yum, yum.

Update 2: This is really more of a question... If Henry is using his bouncy chair as a core strengthening apparatus, does that mean he has outgrown it?  Please say no. I love this bouncy seat. It's okay to let him use it for doing sit-ups, right???

Update 3: Henry wears suspenders! Okay, okay, he also got baptized, but honestly, I was hard pressed trying to decide which of those two events deserved top billing in this post. Suspenders eked ahead at the last minute.

We have pictures of him alll dressed up and posing with his aunties,
and his uncle,
of Henry snuggling with his Nonna,    
playing with his Grampa,
and relaxing with his Nana.

There's even a few cute, up close shots of his sweet baby face.

But, wait, you say! Where is the family photo?  The requisite Mommy, Daddy, & Baby picture?  All these cute poses with his extended family, where's the Baptism Day Family Shot?

Um, I think we forgot? Whooops.

Here's the best family shot we got:
See David wandering off in the background with the diaper bag tossed over his shoulder? Nice. This one really captures the feel of family life.

Or, there's this great family photo: Henry, so cute, loving his feet. Aaaaaand, mine and David's laps. Can that count as a family picture? We're all in it?

Oh well. Next time we'll try to remember to pose together.

Actually, what we should really remember is that when you have a baby and a majillion people in your house and you are trying to get to church on time, you should leave yourself a liiiiitle extra time to get ready. Otherwise, while everyone is taking pictures with your admittedly adorable, dandily dressed son, you will be in the bathroom attempting to simultaneously throw your hair in a ponytail, blink on a coat of mascara, and chew on your toothbrush, all the while assuring yourself, that yes, this does indeed count as brushing your teeth.
Ah, well. Live and learn.

You know, that shot of Henry and our laps is not bad. Can I please call that a family photo?


  1. 1. Are you trying any veggies yet... I've heard that carrots, squash and sweet potatoes are winners? We start Marc's solid food adventures this coming weekend :)
    2. Too big for the bouncy seat, but still so cute!
    3. Love the family picture.. but still shaking my head at it. so is that going in the scrapbook?

  2. Um, are you purporting that those three uncles and aunties in the above photos are your younger siblings, your WEE, much younger than us, but now looking RIDICULOUSLY grown-up younger siblings? o.m.g.

    Henry is seriously one of the most adorable babies I've ever seen! Good work :)

  3. Henry rocks in ALL the posts!! LOVE the suspenders- I love dressing Alden up like a little man- so adorable!! And your "family" pics crack me up!! We forgot to take a family pic when Alden was baptized but remembered before we left- but sadly, he was totally, 100% passed out- so it looks like I'm holding a rather large doll in his pictures....

  4. Cracking up about the missed family pic- ours of Abby's baptism is hideous, so it got thrown out all together. Ahh well, she looked cute in her solo shots.