Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Henry looks so cute in pajamas. So. Cute.
Maybe its because they cover him from head to toe.
Maybe its because they make him look so snuggly.
Maybe its because when I see him in them, I know he's about to go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

When he was a little newborn munchkin, these were my favorite of his jammies.

But, *sigh* he grew out of them.
Since then, these have become my new favorite jammies:
(Okay, could he GET any cuter?!?!? Look at those cheeks! Gotta squeeze 'em, gotta squeeze 'em, gotta squeeze 'em. Ahem. Excuse me.)

But, *really BIG sigh* he is about to outgrow them too! What's a momma to do!?!
Bust out the 6 month size clothes, thats what.
Which, I did. Yesterday. Pulled them all out of his drawers, took all the tags off & tossed them in the washer.
Here's my big boy showing off his FIRST 6 month size outfit today.
Check out those big blue eyes!

Check out that little green dino!

Check out that goofy smile!

I can't wait to get him in some new jammies tonight.


  1. Don't blink, Rachel, he'll be in 3T before you know it!! My little boy turns 3 in 2 weeks- HOW did THAT happen!??

  2. I could just EAT him! He is so so so cute!