Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lake House Heaven

We're back! We returned late Sunday night from our week-long blissful sun-soaked vacation on the balmy shores of Lake Gaston. Rest, relaxation, and sunshiney gloriousness.
Anaaaaad, then we came home to a house with no working showers or sinks. There is one working toilet, but the bathroom does not have a door on it, so unless you have a very bold personality, that may be an issue. (No, we did not move to the ghetto without telling you. But, we are in the process of remodeling BOTH of our bathrooms. I will post copious before & after pics at another time, its gonna be awesome, totally worth dealing with the toilet-door problem for a few days .)
I am blaming my case of the blues on the bathrooms & the mild state of turmoil that it throws our house into. But, really, its probably not the bathrooms. I always feel like this after vacation.
It's a lot like the day after Christmas. Still so joyful & thankful, but a little sad at the realization that the long awaited day (or week) has passed. The realization, perhaps, that not every day is quite as special or as beautiful as that day.
The Lake house days, are so special, so beautiful. I sort of like to imagine heaven as one loooooong vacation at the lake house. I heard a pastor say once that when you think about heaven you should just think about the most AMAZING scenario you can come up with, and then just know that heaven will be even better than that. Well, the lake house is the best thing I know of, so that's what I'm imaging heaven as. Tha'ts allowed, right?
One morning on the deck, Dad read from a book called "The Rhythm of Life" by David Adam- a book of Celtic prayers. One of the prayers read:

"In your goodness, you have made us able to hear the goodness of the world.
The voices of loved ones reveal to us that you are in our midst.
A divine song sings through all creation."

It feels so true to me, that the voices of my loved ones reveal that Christ is in our midst. The reason the lake house feels heavenly to me isn't really because of the water, or the sun, or the food, or the relaxation, but because of the people, because of the ones we love. Spending time with them, away from the roar of the world does indeed help me to hear more clearly the goodness of the world. Of course, the sun & water certainly don't hurt things either. :)

Mary Alice & Justin- if you read this, I desperately want your pics from the lake house too!

Strange Family- if you stumble upon this one day, out in cyberspace, please know, I love your lake house. And I love you for letting us use it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Henry took naps in the cabana on the dock all week.
Father & Son
Magdalena & the ADORABLE sun hat she knit for Henry
Ahhh, a boy after my own heart.
I don't know what they are doing here... but its kind of funny.

Auntie Annie & Henry in the baby pool!

We didnt really let him drink it. Please don't call social services.
Henry with his Uncle Frankie
Trampoline + Water = Fun

This is how we deal with rain at the lake.

Henry meets his Uncle Justin & Aunt Lauren! He loves them!

Until next summer...

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