Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry!

Five months old today! Wowsa!

He looks like SHREK!!!

What does a five month old Henry do, you ask? Well, other than being extremely cute, these days Henry also...
  1. rolls over from tummy to back.
  2. puts everythiiiing in his mouth... his hands, his feet, toys, my hands, my hair, sweet tates ear... etc.
  3. has discovered his voice and like to entertain himself by babbling, giggling, laughing, and - newest addition- screeching and squealing (He finds this last one extremely entertaining. The first few times he did it I rushed into the room, fully expecting to see something awful happening- wild animals tearing him apart perhaps? aaaaand he just smiiiled up at me, screeched once more, and then just started giggling at himself. Or was he laughing at me...)
  4. loves to read his board books (and eat them.)
  5. drools like a puppy.
  6. LOVES baths, and just being naked in general... can you tell from the pictures?
  7. eats 6 times a day, takes 3 or 4 naps, and sleeps for about an 8 hour stretch... most nights. :)
  8. stares at sweet potato whenever she is in his line of sight.
  9. absolutely loves the outdoors. He is so happy walking around the block, looking out a window, playing on a blanket in the backyard. It's like magic.
  10. Is still fitting into most of his 3 month clothes... but is stretching out his pajamas... so it may be time to move up in that department.
  11. Is still so cuddly, and likes to snuggle up close (please, please, dont let him outgrow this anytime soon. please, please please.)
  12. is mesmerized by watching people eat. It might be time for some solid food soon...
We love you Henry! You are such a jolly, snuggly, cute baby boy and we think you are the best thing EVER! Seriously, ever.
To celebrate you, I am making chocolate chip coconut cookies today. I know you can't eat them, but... one day. It's always good to have something in life to look forward to. :)

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