Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bathrooms, Part 1

We love our house. Love, love, love it.

I should probably go ahead and admit that it is not really our house. Teeeeechnically it belongs to my parents, who, in a wild spasm of generosity, offered to rent it to us when we moved to Norfolk almost two years ago.
This house has ruined us for apartment living forever. Just ruined us. We love it. Love the space to have lots of people over, love having a yard, love being in a neighborhood, love the house projects, just plain old love, love, love this house. We have decided we cannot move out until we are financially prepared to buy our own house, which, could quite possibly be never. (JUST kidding Mom & Dad... sort of.)
Anyway, part of the deal when we moved in was that we would rent the house from Mom & Dad, and in return we would tackle some long-needed home repair projects. So far we have refinished all the floors, painted the bedrooms, put doors on the once doorless closets, replaced all the ceiling light fixtures, installed a ceiling fan, finished a sunporch room, created flower beds around the house, and a few other teeny tiny projects.
Aaaaaaaaand then we reached the end of our handyman know-how. (Okay, honestly, we reached the end of handyman knowhow riiiight about when we finished unpacking. We've been winging it this whole time.) We reached... the bathrooms.
Now, these bathrooms are done in the traditional 1950's vintage style, which, in case you don't know much about 1950's bathroom architecture, is not cute at all.
At. all.
The hall bathroom is done in a lovely blueish gray & more gray color scheme, and the master bathroom is a breathtaking combo of pinkish tan & brown. It's bad. Real bad.Pottery Barn would not approve.
But, more importantly than their distressing color schemes, both bathrooms were kinda falling apart. Leaky floors, chipping tile... did I mention the pink toilet with the flowery lid? Yeah, it was bad.
So, anyway, we have finally tackled the bathrooms. With the assistance (assistance meaning he did everything, I just picked out what I thought was pretty) of our trusty bathroom contractor guy Alex, we have totally ripped out both bathrooms. And, I am happy to report that one bathroom is successfully competed. YAY!
Aside from copious amounts of tile dust layering the house, two treacherous days in which our only bathroom with a working toilet did not have a door on it, and the general weirdness of having two men in my bathroom all day, it's been a pretty painless adventure. And, TOTALLY worth my new, shiny, pretty, sparkly, clean bathroom. Ahhhh.
So, here are the before & after pics of the finished bathroom- the previously blueish gray & gray bathroom. Stay tuned for the next bathroom... it should be finished in about a week.

Before.... (ugh)

After.... (ooooh, ahhhhhhh)

Isn't it lovely?!?! I know, I know.

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