Sunday, February 28, 2010

La Galleria de Henri

Henry spent the first day or so of life in an oxygen tent. We think he looks like a baby space man.

David visits Henry in the special care nursery.
Henry gets to come to our room! Yay!
Henry is headed home from the hospital! Hooray!

Henry meets his great-grandpa!

Henry in his cradle! This is the same cradle that David slept in when he was a baby, David's Dad & Grandpa made it for him, and now have bequeathed it to Henry. :)

Henry fast asleep! We think he looks like something good to eat when he is wrapped up like this.

Both of my children. :) Sweet Potato has adjusted very well to Henry, she sniffs at him a lot which is a sure sign of love. She does however, try to steal his diapers & bury them around the house... we'll work on that...

Henry takes a bath!


  1. Rachel and David, he is absolutely amazing! Congrats!!

  2. What a beautiful baby! I love the story behind the cradle, very cool. Rachel I think that you look amazing for having just had a baby- I am very impressed. :) We are so thankful for Henry's safe arrival. Love you guys!

  3. okay, I am sitting here is shock, overjoyed, but also God for His precious care of YOU Rachel and little Henry. What an entrance into the world he has made!