Tuesday, October 27, 2009

have baby must blog?

David & I found out that we were having a baby this summer. This has provoked a barrage of questions from family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. How do you feel? When are you due? How far along are you? Was it planned? Do you know if its a boy or a girl? Do you have a name picked out? Are you excited? (Which, by the way is my favorite question- what if I said no?) In addition to these classic pregnancy questions, I have also been asked multiple times "Are you going to start a blog?"

Now, I am aware that this is the hip thing to do- start a blog when you have a kid to keep the world updated on all things baby. However, I have never been especially hip, and I have especially never been internet hip. Don't judge- I've got the basics down. I instant-messaged my way through college relationships, I know how to use a search engine, I email, I post on two blogs that keep up with family and friends, I'm even on facebook! (Although- confession- I got an email from facebook just the other day saying that they "missed me." Apparently, I have not signed on for 6 weeks. Whoops.) But it's all can do just to answer my emails in an amount of time that does not make people feel as though I have slighted them. I really do not think that I have the internet commitment level necessary to start a blog. Especially with the entrance of a new baby into our lives. This is supposed to make things even busier, right? Even less time for things like answering email, right? At least, this is what I have been telling the people who ask "Are you going to start a blog."

But, get ready for the change of heart here, last night I was talking to David about this, and he pointed out that a blog did not have to be baby-centric, but could be self-centric. Well, self-centered person that I am, my ears perked right up. I liked this idea. I did not have to write about the baby. I could write about anything I wanted. People might read it. They might think I am clever or witty. They might like me. Maybe I will be one of those people whose blogs garner a huge following, and they get a book deal! I could make money! We could go out to eat more often! I could buy more shoes from Target! This fantasizing may have gotten a little out of hand. Regardless, the seed had been planted. I wanted to have a blog.

I would like to go ahead and state, that althought I do not believe that one must blog when one has baby, the idea does hold some appeal. I will not have to send out mass emails or make nine million separate phone calls when there is information to spread. People can see cute pictures of baby at their leisure. Can I put a link to the baby registry on this thing? But, even more appealing, is the idea of writing what I think about. (Journaling should work for this too, but I have always been a crummy journaler. I give up too quickly.) So, this is the trial run. I have a blog. I can write about what I think about.

Before ending this maiden post, I do want to formally reserve one right. No one is allowed to hold me to this blog thing. If I never write another post, and this thing sits out here like a half a lonely leftover tuna sandwich, fine. If I let months go between posts, fine. If I never post anything but a baby picture on this again, fine. There are lots of things in life that I can (and do) feel guilty about, but I am not going to add a blog to the list. So there.

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  1. hi, saw your blog because of another person's comments on your facebook page. congrats on the baby! Praying for you and Henry that all is well. And I loved this first blog post. But--at least still email people! Us non-blog savvy folks have a hard time keeping up with all the info and email is still the best way, in my small mind, to do that. Much love and blessings! Emily Louise